According to a study performed by Pew Research, 95% of all Americans own a mobile phone. Of that percentage, 77% own a smartphone, and studies indicate that that number is only going continue increasing. Here and now, we use smartphones to handle our finances, book trips, buy stuff, and keep in touch with friends and family. It only makes sense that we should also use them to make our lives safer and more convenient.

For over a decade, AMP Smart has worked hard to become one of America’s largest and most trusted smart home companies, with our mobile app playing a large role in that. Have you ever left the house and wondered if you locked the front door? Have you wanted to check up on the kids when you left them with a babysitter? Have you wanted to see and communicate with people who come to the door, regardless of where you are? Our app makes all of that possible and incredibly easy.

Available on both the iOS App Store and the Android Store, you now have the ability to do more with your home. Viewing video feeds from indoor cameras makes it easy to check on kids and pets. Remote control of locks, lights, and thermostats allows you to instantly adjust the interior as needed. Access to our smart video doorbell provides you the ability to record video, take photos, communicate with visitors, and more.

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