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When you care about your family and your home, there is nothing you won’t do to protect them. While a home security system is an excellent way to ensure that your household stays safe from intruders and disasters, it is not always easy to decide on the right security company. At Amp Smart, we want to show you what makes our security company different and why we are the right choice to help you safeguard your home. We set out to be a different kind of security company by listening to your needs and adapting to them. Instead of you having to change the way that you live in order to experience better security, we created a security system that adapts to your life.

Amp Smart Embraces the Latest Technology

We have designed and built our home security systems to be more in line with what works for you. Families are busier than ever and this means that it is more important than ever to be able to check in on everyone and to make sure that your house is locked up and protected when no one is at home. At Amp Smart, we designed and built our home security equipment to be accessible not just from our easy-to-use in-home control panel but also from our intuitive smartphone app.

By integrating the newest, fastest, and most secure technology, it is possible to lock and unlock your doors, record HD video of the inside and outside of your home, and receive notifications whenever someone comes home or leaves. Our door and window sensors are small and will blend in with your home no matter what your decor looks like. Amp Smart smart locks combine heavy-duty locks with technology that allows you to lock or unlock your doors wherever you are — perfect for when your kids forget their keys.

Contact us today to learn more about our home security and home automation products and services in Boise. Whether you rent or own your home, we can provide you with a free quote on all of the home security technology that you need to stay safe and comfortable.

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Comfort and security are not the only two reasons to call Amp Smart in Boise. Our combination of security and home automation provides you with many other benefits that will improve your life so quickly and thoroughly that you will be surprised that you lived without them for so long!

Peace of Mind, Ease of Use

With everyone coming and going from your home, things have a tendency of being forgotten. When you’re trying to get your kids out the door and into the car in the morning, it’s all too easy to forget to lock the door or arm a security system. One of the most innovative features of the Amp Smart system is that it does not need to be turned on in the way that older security systems do. Instead, the Amp Smart security measures quietly run around the clock. Not only does this provide you with security all day, every day, it prevents the all-too-common human error that we are all guilty of sometimes. With the majority of break-ins occurring during daylight hours, the Amp Smart system stays vigilant even when you aren’t at home.


With an Amp Smart home security system, you won’t have to deal with calls from a security company every time something happens. While most alarms are caused by equipment problems or a member of your family forgetting to disarm the system, with Amp Smart, that will never be a problem. You receive alerts to your smartphone or email that lets you know what is happening, when it is happening. Open up the Amp Smart app and see what is going on. If it is just your family, you can turn off the alert and get back to your business. If there is an emergency, it is easy to inform the authorities.

Homeowners Insurance Discounts

While we can’t guarantee that you will receive a discount on your homeowner’s insurance, as discount programs vary between different insurers, we can provide you with all of the documentation that they will need to make a decision. Even if you don’t receive a discount from your insurer, the Amp Smart security system can still help you save money. If someone breaks into your home or something happens that can cause damage, including burst pipes, you will be able to handle the problem quickly, thereby minimizing the damage.

In addition to 24/7 monitoring services, what sets Amp Smart apart from other security companies is our technology. Read on to see some of the features available to you when you choose Amp Smart for your home security and home automation needs.

Contact Amp Smart in Boise today to learn more about our security systems and why it is a great idea to protect your home.

Smart Panel Features

We have designed our security panel to be clean, clear, and easy to operate.

  • Seven-inch touchscreen. The screen makes it easy to see if you have any alerts and it streamlines making changes to anything hooked up to the system. We’ve designed the interface to be as clear and user-friendly as possible.
  • Encryption technology. Transmissions sent and received from the system are encrypted to prevent hacking.
  • A built-in router. The private, secure network reduces the number of outages and service calls.
  • Integrated camera. See who is disarming, accessing, and setting alarms in the system.
  • Z-Wave connectivity. Take control of your locks, thermostats, lights, and more.
  • Android OS. The Android operating system can be updated to stay ahead of hackers and to add new features.
  • Dual path (WiFi and LTE) connectivity. No matter what, your system will keep working at the fastest speeds possible.
  • Bluetooth disarming. In addition to WiFi and LTE connectivity, this system can also be disarmed from a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Security Cameras
The cornerstone of most security systems, Amp Smart security cameras are above and beyond the best best cameras available. With crystal clear picture and a low profile, they make it easy for your to monitor what is going on inside of your home, day or night.

Exterior Camera Features

  • Night Vision. Our cameras are built to take full advantage of the latest night vision technology. With 40 feet of night vision, there is nowhere for anyone to hide in the dark.
  • IP-66-rated weatherproof casing with UV protection. No matter how hard it is snowing or how bright the sun is shining, these cameras can handle it.
    Built-in motion sensors.
  • Live stream or record HD video. Quickly see who is on your property and save clips of suspicious activities.
    Send text and email alerts. If something is going on, these cameras will send an alert to you.

Interior Security Camera Features

  • Stream live videos. This is a perfect feature if you have a pet you are trying to keep an eye on, and it allows you to see who is in your home at any given time.
  • Record clips. In case of a break in, video can help law enforcement find the perpetrators. If you happen to catch a moment where your pet did something funny, you can relive it again and again!
  • Mobile video clip alerts.

Doorbell Camera Features

  • 1080 HD resolution. With high resolution video, you will know exactly who is at the door before you open it.
  • 5x zoom.
  • Works in extreme temperatures. This camera is rated to work in weather as cold as -40° F and as hot as 140° F)
  • Records video. If you have been the victim of theft or harassment, recorded video could provide law enforcement with the evidence it needs to take action.
  • Chime can be turned off from the app. This feature is great for those times when the baby is napping or when you just don’t want to be disturbed.

In addition to cameras, there are other important items that your home needs for maximum protection.

Smart Lock Features

  • Check door lock status. From the Amp Smart app, you can see if your doors are locked.
  • Lock or unlock the doors with a remote or the app. When combined with a doorbell camera, it is easy to see who is at the door and whether or not you should unlock the doors for them.
  • Geofencing capable. The system sends an alert if you leave a certain area without locking your doors. You can also set the doors to unlock when you get within a certain distance.

Door and Window Sensor Features

  • 8-10 years of battery life. Each sensor is equipped with two batteries for the longest possible life.
  • Low-profile design. These sensors are unobtrusive, small, and neutrally colored.
  • Sends alarm or text alerts.
  • Incredibly easy to install.
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At Amp Smart, we have helped many different people protect their homes with a security system. While some of them had very specific reasons for needing a system, most people fall into one of three categories, or they have a mixture of needs. Read on to learn about three great reasons to have us install a comprehensive home security system.

Protection From Intruders

The idea of having someone you don’t know in your home is a terrifying thought. Whatever their reason for breaking in, there is no positive intent behind their actions. With several million home burglaries taking place in the United States each year, it is important that you take every precaution possible to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. While locking your front door is a great first step in deterring would-be burglars from targeting you, sometimes that just isn’t enough.

With a security system from Amp Smart in place, you will be notified automatically whenever someone enters your home thanks to our door and window sensors. If they go in through the front door and you have one of our smart door locks, the camera will take HD video of them. Interior and exterior cameras can be placed to provide coverage of every corner of your property. These cameras feed video directly to your phone, computer, and the

Protection From Other Dangers

Intruders breaking in are not the only dangers that you and your home face. While building codes have helped create safer and safer living spaces, nothing is perfect. The possibility of a flood or a fire is always present, whether caused by something wrong with your home or a natural disaster. Amp Smart home security systems can also be used to alert you to other kinds of problems, including fires, carbon monoxide, or health emergencies. When you call us to learn more about how we can protect your home, ask us about health protections.

Reduced Energy Consumption

One of the most exciting parts about the modern home security systems that we design and implement, is how we can incorporate home automation into the system. Simply put, home automation allows you to control certain parts of your home (lights, locks, thermostat) from your smartphone or the control panel. By turning off your lights when no one is home and adjusting the thermostat so it isn’t heating or cooling your house when there is no one there to appreciate it, can help cut significant amounts off of your utility bills.

Contact Amp Smart in Boise today for a free quote on our home automation and home security systems. By combining the latest technology with tried and true security solutions, we have given our customers a convenient way to achieve peace of mind. We offer free quotes on everything you need to feel safer and more secure in your home. Amp Smart has consistently worked to provide innovative and useful services that surpass customer expectations of what home security can look like. By creating products that connect seamlessly to the Amp Smart app, we have given you an unprecedented level of control over your home. With control comes security, and with security comes happiness. Get in touch with us today to make your home happier and safer.

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